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Bad Credit and Getting a Mortgage
Bad credit is a reference that brings up a lot of negative connotations.I prefer to use the term, “Bruised Credit”. A bruise is an area of discolouration caused by a blow or impact. And we all know,...
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The Canadian economy and the housing market
We are living in strange times, economically speaking. Mortgage stress tests have slowed the housing market and may be one of the reasons the Bank of Canada has signaled it may pause on increasing...
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Rent To Own
Renting has a place and time in most of our lives, and for some people, renting is the best option long term! But for others, homeownership is a dream and exploring a rent-to-own option seems like a...
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What NOT to Do Before Closing
I'm a positive thinker and focus on what TO DO, but there are some valid tips on what NOT TO DO when it comes to buying a home, and it is particularly important leading up to closing after the...
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