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What is a No Frills Mortgage?
When you need a new pair of shoes, you look for features, comfort and a match to your style and purpose. The least expensive shoe may not fit your foot, or later give you blisters when you try to...
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Growing Cannabis in Your Home
As of October 17, 2018, it is legal in Canada to buy and use cannabis, including growing up to 4 plants in your house for personal usein most provinces. Canada's...
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Property Tax and Your Mortgage
When it comes to paying property tax, there's two options but that first bill can sometimes be confusing. Pay Yourself Contact your municipality/town to arrange payment of your property taxes...
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Fixed or Variable? Lock it in?
In times of national change and global uncertainty, the conversation around Canadian interest rates is plentiful.Interest rate fluctuationsis a natural occurrence, and depending on your risk tolerance...
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