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Being a homeowner is the most important financial investment of your life. You should feel comfortable about who you're working with and be supported from start to finish, and beyond. Contact me today for your free consultation and learn how working with a Mortgage Broker is a free value that will save you time and money. Military? I've got you covered with in-depth knowledge and experience of military friendly mortgage policies and first-hand understanding as a military spouse myself.

What's the difference between a rate hold, pre-approval and thorough pre-approval? I'll provide you with the most confidence you can get when offering on a home. A thorough pre-approval is a game changer!

  • Assurance
    A thorough pre-approval and working with an experienced broker can mean the difference between becoming a homeowner, having the best mortgage for your needs and a positive experience. For military members who can move frequently, I coordinate the entire mortgage process, present options, accommodate various time zones and can make the process easy even if you and your spouse are in different locations.
  • Time
    The process goes very quickly once you make an offer to buy a house. Being thoroughly prepared in advance will make your experience much smoother. For military members, house hunting trips are short. My research skills and lender relationships will help you get the right mortgage so you can spend more time finding your perfect home in the best neighbourhood.
  • Free
    There's no charge to you for my services on typical residential mortgage transactions. The lender pays the Mortgage Broker and it's not added to your mortgage. My unbiased, independent advice is a free value.
Why Should You Use My Services?
Negotiation. I have strong lender relationships, which is to your advantage when I negotiate your mortgage.
Knowledge. All mortgages are not created equal. Rate is not the only important factor. 

Understanding. I am a homeowner, have renewed and refinanced, and for military families I also live the same lifestyle as a spouse myself. I will guide you through important decisions you'll need to make. 
What if You're Not Military? While I have a deep understanding of mortgage needs for military families, I offer the same unbiased, thorough and personalized mortgage advice to all of my clients.
Featured In:
The Globe And Mail  
Canadian Military Family Magazine
Awards, Designations, Courses, Memberships & Community Involvement
TMG Atlantic Top Sales List Semi-Annual 2019 
TMG Atlantic Top Sales List 1st Quarter 2018
TMG Atlantic Top Sales List 3rd Quarter 2018
Top Rookie TMG Canada List April 2018
Top Rookie TMG Canada List July 2018
Top Rookie TMG Canada List August 2018
Top Rookie TMG Canada List November 2018
TMG Atlantic Top Sales List 3rd Quarter 2017
TMG Atlantic Rising Star Award 2017 
Bachelor of Arts, Mount Saint Vincent University 2003
Additional Courses: Financial Management, Organizational Management 2016
Member, Mortgage Professionals Canada
Member, Mortgage Professionals Canada Atlantic Chapter
Co-Chair, Credit Reporting Committee, Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association Atlantic Canada 2018 - 2019
Volunteer, Conference Committee, Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association Atlantic Canada 2017 - 2018
Treasurer, BLT Elementary School Parent Teacher Coalition 2018 - 2019
Secretary, BLT Elementary School Parent Teacher Coalition 2016 - 2017 
Mortgage Sales Certification Manulife Bank of Canada 2017 - Present
Home Equity Bank Certified (Reverse Mortgages) - 2019
Manulife Bank Partner Rewards Certification "Silver" - 2019
Building Intercultural Competence Certification - Immigrant Services Association of NS - 2019
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