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Canada’s Housing Market Risk Rises, But Remains Moderate
Despite a sharp rise in home prices in 2020 and impacts from the pandemic-induced lockdown restrictions, the country’s housing risk remains "moderate.” That’s according to the third-quarter...
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Buying a Home with "Incentive to Buyer" in the Offer
More so in slow markets, or if there's a reason that the sellers want to move the house quickly, a seller may offer a "buyer's incentive" to purchase the house. This is often seen written into the...
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Offering to Buy a House Without the Financing Clause
As the real estate market heats up across Canada, this question comes up more and more..."Should I offer to buy a house without the financing clause?" The short answer is, "Sure - if you have the cash...
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Year End Money Saving Mortgage Tips
Year End Money Saving Tips From my family to yours, Happy Holidays! If you became a homeowner this year, or plan to next year, be sure to remember these money saving homeownership...
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