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Get to Know Your Mortgage Broker
You will often hear me say "it's your biggest investment". And it's sotrue!Buying a home is such an important decision and who you work with will help make or break that experience for you. Here are...
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Mortgage Refinancing
Now that you've been living in your home, there may be improvements/renovations or other expenses you'd like to consolidate into your mortgage by using the equity, a term called"Refinancing". This...
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Purchase Plus Improvements
Picture it, you've found THE perfect house and location.But it doesn't have a finished basement, or the kitchen is outdated. What do you do? Do you buy it and hope to tackle DIY projects in the...
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Great Income But Can't Get Approved for a Mortgage
Occasionally I'll get a call from an applicant who makes great income but has been declined for a mortgage application. There have been many times where I've been able to give the application a second...
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