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Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Advisor? What's the difference?
What’s The Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and a Mortgage Advisor, how does it relate to your mortgage? The terms Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Advisor sound very similar, and are sometimes used...
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Clients Fill the Canvas
With having so many lender options to offer my clients, I'm sometimes asked if I have a favourite lender I like to work with! That's an easy answer - no favourites here! They're all great in their own...
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8 Things No One's Telling You About Working With a Mortgage Broker
At TMG, we encourage you to Think Outside the Branch. Why? Because there’s so many other options! Plus, dealing with a Broker (a person!) rather than a brand, has its benefits. I’ll share a...
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A Side Order of Options
We all like options, and mortgages should be no different!Do you have a down payment, but have some past credit issues? How about excellent credit, but no down payment? If the answer is yes, read on!...
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