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Who Are My Clients?
In 2012, I created a national business network group for military spouses, like myself. I noticed early on that military spouses needed a space to connect professionally, support each other and...
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Easy Access to Your Mortgage Professional
Communication, communication, communication. It's all about the communication. It's super important to have direct access to your mortgage professional, especially during the time of making an offer...
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Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposal - Future Mortgage Considerations
We're all familiar with the domino effect; when an action sets off a chain of events. That can be the case with your mortgage today because of your previous credit history.Bankruptcy and consumer...
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Mortgage FAQ: Collateral Charge
Some financial institutions register mortgages as a "Collateral Charge", which means the mortgage is registered for more than the actual loan amount.Other financial instituions may provide a choice,or...
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