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Your Professional Home Buying Team
I'm often asked for the most important piece of information buyers and sellers should know. Buying or selling your house is a big deal. There's a lot that happens behind the scenes between the...
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Top 8 Mortgage Considerations for Military Families
Working with military families is a joyful part of my job as a Mortgage Broker. I likehearing thestories of various postings and feelthe excitement ofa new adventure.As a militaryspouse myself,...
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Mortgage FAQ: Down Payment Options
The question of down payment is one that comes up often when considering mortgage options.Your down payment starts at 5% and can be more, depending on your available funds or specific...
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Mortgage FAQ: Here's the Scoop on Biweekly vs. Accelerated Biweekly Payments
The difference between biweekly and accelerated biweekly mortgage payments is a question I receive often, andin fact - I've added it to my Mortgage FAQ's and share this information with all of my...
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