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Posted to Halifax or Shearwater?
Many of my clients are military families just like my family! I polled military families for their top tips for being posted to major military bases across Canada. Top 5 Tips for Posting to Halifax or...
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Types of Mortgage Interest
Mortgage interest rate is easily one of the most talked about topics when buying a home. But, did you know - there are different factors to interest rate and how they may affect you? Fixed vs....
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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! It's 2018 and our first weekend (here in Nova Scotia) rolled in with a major wind storm! I hope my fellow Nova Scotian's faired well! Here's how I spent my morning - heating up tea on...
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Celebrating 2017 Year End - Your Canadian Mortgage Broker
Celebrating 2017 December has always been my favourite month with the many celebrations, reasons to be thankful and time to reflect on the past year. 2017 has been exceptionally good to me, both...
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