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Mortgage FAQ: Down Payment Options
The question of down payment is one that comes up often when considering mortgage options.Your down payment starts at 5% and can be more, depending on your available funds or specific...
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Mortgage FAQ: Here's the Scoop on Biweekly vs. Accelerated Biweekly Payments
The difference between biweekly and accelerated biweekly mortgage payments is a question I receive often, andin fact - I've added it to my Mortgage FAQ's and share this information with all of my...
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Habits of a First Time Homebuyer
The housing market generates a lot of economic activity in Canada. Not just home selling and buying and construction, but also for those industries connected to housing such as legal services, moving...
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Top 10 Ways to Improve Credit
So you got behind on that credit card payment. Or you were laid off for awhile and couldn’t keep up your car payments. Or that student loan is in arrears because it took you a while to get a job. Now...
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