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Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposal - Future Mortgage Considerations
We're all familiar with the domino effect; when an action sets off a chain of events. That can be the case with your mortgage today because of your previous credit history.Bankruptcy and consumer...
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Mortgage FAQ: Collateral Charge
Some financial institutions register mortgages as a "Collateral Charge", which means the mortgage is registered for more than the actual loan amount.Other financial instituions may provide a choice,or...
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Your Professional Home Buying Team
I'm often asked for the most important piece of information buyers and sellers should know. Buying or selling your house is a big deal. There's a lot that happens behind the scenes between the...
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Top 8 Mortgage Considerations for Military Families
Working with military families is a joyful part of my job as a Mortgage Broker. I likehearing thestories of various postings and feelthe excitement ofa new adventure.As a militaryspouse myself,...
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