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Community - Helping Others
I have a little confession to make - I'm an avid volunteer! Doing my part as a Haligonian (that means someone from Halifax - teehee!), a Canadian, and global citizen, brings me personal and...
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Mortgage Health Quiz (How well do you know your mortgage?)
How well do you know your mortgage? Mortgages are complex transactions and can impact your household budget now and into the future. Take this quiz to learn how well you know your mortgage! And no...
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Quick Tips for Return on Investment
The market in which you live plays a large role in your return on investment (ROI) when it comes to your property purchase, however there are some quick tips to keep in mind during the time owning...
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Variable or Fixed?
With recent changes to the Bank of Canada's Prime Rate in 2017 (after 7 years with no changes!) many clients are asking if they should lock in their current variable rate to a fixed rate, and new home...
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