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Year End Money Saving Tips

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays! If you became a homeowner this year, or plan to next year, be sure to remember these money saving homeownership tips!

  • Many provinces offer energy efficiency programs to upgrade lightbulbs, wrap hot water tanks, swap faucets for low flow shower heads and air sealing around doors and windows for FREE! Check with your local energy saving organizations to inquire what may be available to you. Every little bit adds up and you'd be surprised how much you can save on your energy consumption each year with small changes. For example, here are a few provincial programs: Energy Efficiency Nova Scotia, Save Energy New Brunswick, and Show me The Green Alberta.
  • Those same provincial energy efficiency programs may also offer home energy audits and rebates for replacing or installing energy efficient products, such as heat pumps, new windows, doors, hot water tanks, solar panels, etc. to provide you with funds to go towards the cost of your installation. 
  • If your mortgage is default loan insured (meaning you had less than 20% down payment) and your home is already more energy efficient than the standard home OR you made upgrades to make it more efficient, you may qualify for a percentage of your default loan insurance premium rebated back to you through one of the default loan insurers green rebate programs! If you qualify, the typical rebate is 15% or 25% of your premium, which is big bucks back in your pocket! Heads up - you will need an independent energy audit, but the process is definitely worth it. Check  with CMHC, Sagen (Formerly Genworth Canada) and Canada Guaranty for full details. 
  • If you're a first time home buyer, you may also qualify for a tax rebate when you file your income tax with CRA, your accountant should have full info on this option. 

As always, I'm here for you for any mortgage related questions. Big or small, don't be shy to get in touch. I sincerely wish you and your family a very good holiday and a healthy new year. 

Sarah Nixon-Miller
Mortgage Broker