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In 2012, I created a national business network group for military spouses, like myself. I noticed early on that military spouses needed a space to connect professionally, support each other and discuss business topics that are unique to the lifestyle. 

Since then, I've enjoyed all of my interactions and activities with the group! Recently, we challenged each other to post written or video blogs. Admittedly, this was an easy one for me because I love to write and capture short business videos! (If you follow me on Facebook, you know this to be true! - haha!) 

So, what was the topic? Who are my clients. 

My clients value the one-on-one connection that I provide. Above all else, they know this can make the difference for a smooth mortgage transaction and they want to develop a relationship with one service provider no matter where they live (side note - I can help you with your mortgage across Canada!). I hope to work with my clients for every mortgage they need in their lifetime. I'll get to know your mortgage needs and you'll trust that I'll be there for you next week, next month, or next year. 

Clients who value that personalized, one-on-one connection come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, so I work with a variety of people! But because I'm a military spouse, other military families naturally find me and I'm delighted to help people living a lifestyle that I know quite well. One spouse travelling or in the field? Yup, been there. Pre-payment penalties a big concern incase you're posted? Me too. Inter-province transactions pose a challenge? Done that. The military is covering your closing costs? Check, check, check. 

Working with military families is more than advertising for me, it's working within my own community. Albeit, that community is nationwide! Clients who work with me are friends, acquaintances, fellow community members or those who have heard of me and trust I'll understand their needs. And they often refer their friends and neighbours to me!

So, in a nutshell I work with everyone. But the one thing that differentiates my current and prospective clients is the value they place on the specialized service I provide, to make the mortgage process easy, informative and supportive - so you'll always have impartial advice while saving you time and connecting you with the overall best mortgage for your needs. 


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