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Being posted in the military is stressful enough, let's make your mortgage pre-approval as easy as possible! Working with a mortgage professional familiar with the military family lifestyle like myself, is a vital component to a smooth process. I essentially complete 80% of the application prior to house hunting trip to ensure any potential challenges are identified and rectified before the 11th hour, and to process all that is possible in advance to speed up the steps during the condensed timeframe of a house hunting trip.

5 Steps to a Stress-free Mortgage Pre-approval

1. Get a thorough pre-approval and understand the difference of just a rate hold
2. Work with a Mortgage Broker like myself, familiar with the military family lifestyle
3. Fill out the online application form with as much detail as possible
4. Email me your photo ID, military ID (front and back), most recent mid-month pay stub
5. Include in the email your COS date, HHT Dates (if known), origin and destination locations
5. I will review the application and email, and get back to you with follow up questions and the remaining documents I require before your HHT

My door is open and my phone welcoming - feel free to contact me with questions, or to talk about homeownership!

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