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Communication, communication, communication. It's all about the communication.

It's super important to have direct access to your mortgage professional, especially during the time of making an offer and your closing date. You or other professionals on your house buying team, such as your lawyer or realtor, may have questions relating to the funding of your mortgage. That is when it's critical to have good communication with the person you're working with for your mortgage.

Making The Offer

As a Mortgage Broker, I pride myself on my client relations. I'm not just there, I love to be there for my clients. If you're on a house hunting trip away from home, or perhaps you're simply just looking at houses in your own neighbourhood and have questions for me - I want to hear from you. I have been known to slot extra time in my schedule if I know in advance you may be house hunting.


When the process wraps up, or what we commonly refer to as the "closing date", is when the mortgage funds and the money transfers from your lender to the seller of the house you're buying. This is another crucial time when communication becomes paramount. If you have questions or need information during this time, having that great relationship with your mortgage professional comes in handy. No one has time for hold ups at closing - am I right? 


After the mortgage funds, it's not the end of the road. I hope you'll keep in touch with me! If 6 months down the road you have a question about your mortgage (maybe now you want to make an extra payment or change your payment frequency from monthly to bi-weekly) -I want to hear from you. I can help you figure out the best option and who to contact to get it done. 

My clients often send me photos of their house once they're settled in. I love to see the before and after DIY photos of your kitchen makeover!


To make it easy and seamless for my clients, I'm available by email, text, phone, Skype, FaceTime and in person (if you're local to me, of course!). I live in the Halifax, NS area, however I have clients across Canada. In today's world, let's use technology to our advantage. I've had clients compliment me on how much they enjoyed the direct access they have to me and how supported they felt because of it. Even though I have many people working with me on your mortgage behind the scenes, you are connected with me. My number rings direct to my cell. Now, there may be times when you'll leave me a voicemail, or wait until morning for a reply (hey, a girl has to sleep!), but one thing is for sure - my clients are my number 1. So, let me be yours when you need a mortgage.

Can't wait to hear from you!