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At TMG, we encourage you to Think Outside the Branch.  

Why? Because there’s so many other options!

Plus, dealing with a Broker (a person!) rather than a brand, has its benefits.

I’ll share a personal example of thinking outside the branch.

My husband and I had our retirement investments at a branch we dealt with for years. Every year, we wanted to review our investments like good investors do. But every year there was a new person to deal with because the previous advisor had moved on.

No one was personally getting to know our needs, which frustrated us. That’s when we realized there was a better way. We pulled our investments from the branch and met with an independent investment advisor.

You may wonder what our retirement plans have to do with your mortgage. Well, your home is your biggest investment! and you may want someone looking after you just like I did.

Here are 8 Things No One's Telling You About Working With a Mortgage Broker

  1. You’re important – Customer service may be an endangered species out there, but to a self-employed Mortgage Broker like myself, service is where it’s at. You're not just a number. Relationships are important to me, I want to know your mortgage needs and see you again at renewal.

  2. But you don't pay! - On typical residential mortgages, there's no fee to you and no fee added to your mortgage for working with a Broker! It's a free value. You may have heard there's no such thing as a free lunch, and there usually isn't. Unless you're working with a Mortgage Broker!

  3. Impartial advice - Brokers work with lenders, not for lenders. Without a brand connection, I'm free to share my suggestions and give you the advice I would like to receive if I was in your shoes.

  4. Options, folks! - If you're like me, you want products and services that benefit you; which includes your mortgage! So, let me help you with that! Similar to how a doctor listens to your symptoms and makes a healthcare recommendation, I listen to your mortgage needs and help determine the best fit. One of my clients recently said: "We had a great experience dealing with Sarah for our first mortgage. She offered us an innovative product that fits perfectly with our goals and lifestyle. She is professional, personable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her! - M.B. & R.D., Ontario.
    Now you may say it's like apples and oranges, they're all mortgages so what's the difference!? Without knowing your options it's like shopping in the produce section and only ever buying apples simply because no one's introduced you to oranges. Let's get you some oranges!

  5. Declined? May not be the end - Your mortgage may not be a fit for one lender, but may be a great fit for another! Because of the wide range of options I have, I can apply to the other lenders and your credit doesn't need to be checked again! Très convenient! And you're not wasting precious time visiting another branch.

  6. Communication is key - You have a direct line of contact with me and I communicate with the other professionals on your house buying team, such as your realtor and lawyer, so we can make your closing day as easy as possible. Plus, I have flexible communication options (because don't forget, I work on mortgages across Canada!) - Phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in-person right here in Halifax, NS.

  7. Focus - Mortgages is what I do. Let's just say, 'it's my jam'. I educate myself on products and policies by regularly meeting with lenders and even help make suggestions to fine tune policies that will better serve clients. In today's ever changing market, this could mean the difference between approval and decline. And when your appointment is finished, I don't switch hats to work on car loans, line of credit applications, credit cards, or mutual funds. I'm focused.   

  8. Stronger together - I'm a member of Mortgage Professionals Canada, a national mortgage broker industry association advocating for lender competition to present ever-evolving products in the mortgage marketplace. This gives Canadians more choices for their biggest investment! Without Brokers, I have to wonder - who else would do that?

    So, let's do this! I'm here for you and can't wait to get started!

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